Fellow of American Oil Chemist Society (2015)

One of the highest honors that AOCS and granted only to the most deserving members who have made significant achievements in science and extraordinary service to the Society.


AOCS’s Fellows Award (2005)

The status of Fellow is awarded to members of the AOCS whose achievements in science entitle them to exceptionally important recognition or to those who have rendered unusually important service to the Society or to the profession.


AOCS’s Stephen S. Chang Award (2002)

This award recognizes a scientist, technologist, or engineer whose distinguished accomplishments in basic research have been used by industries for the improvement or development of products related to lipids.


AOCS’s Herbert J. Dutton Award (1996)

The Analytical Division of the AOCS initiated this award to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to the analyses of fats and oils and related products or whose work has resulted in major advances in the understanding of processes utilized in the fats and oils industry.


AOCS’s Young Scientist Research Award

The AOCS Young Scientist Research Award was established to annually recognize a young scientist that has made a significant and substantial research contribution in one of the areas represented by the Divisions of AOCS. The award consists of a plaque, an honorarium, and funding for travel and registration to attend the AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo where the awardee will present a scientific paper relating to the research and development that has merited them the award.


Following scientists have been awarded for the last 15 years:

2019 Dr. Guodong Zhang
2018 Chibuike Udenigwe
2017 Laura Nyström
2016 No awards given
2015 Michael A. Rogers
2014 Helen L. Ngo
2013 Michael A. R. Meier
2012 Richard P. Bazinet
2011 Raffaele Mezzenga  
2010 Edgar J. Acosta
2009 Ken D. Stark 
2008 Liangli (Lucy) Yu
2007 G. Barcelo-Coblijn
2006 David Compton 
2005 Ki-Teak Lee
2004 John N. Coupland
2003 Yeonhwa Park
2002 Anu Hopia
2001 F. Xavier Malcata
2000 A. Marangoni