Enhancing the Value of Cosmeceuticals Through Internally Stabilised Spice Formulations


Food plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of humans. Food is a strong medicine if consumed in proper quantities. We always advocate for the cosmetic industry the famous slogan ‘It´s what you eat, it´s what you should apply’. This paper reveals our research into the ‘magic’ properties of spices for providing powerful cosmetic formulations.

Food is the most basic prerequisite of living organisms. It contributes towards building the body, providing energy for living and working and regulating the mechanisms essential for health and the survival of life. Food thus constitutes the foundation for the health of both humans and animals. Food and nutrition have long been discussed in the context of how certain dietary components may modulate oxidative stress and inflammation. Medicines and foods have a common origin. Modern science, however, is a common starting point for providing real evidence of this very concept. Harmony of mind, body and spirit are hinged on a balance of free radicals and oxidants (created by the products of oxygen molecules) and antioxidants, which protect our cell membranes throughout the body. Illness occurs when we are in a state of deficiency. Thus nutritional lifestyle and environmental choices must be balanced to maintain our antioxidant status account.