ICSC A/S in GCI Magazine – Sep 2021

A More Stable Bakuchioil

ICSC’s Bakuchiol has made headlines in GCI Magazine, September issue.

Please read the details through the following link.

Vaijnath Lad – Manager Creative Cosmetic Technologies

Vaijnath Lad, heading the creative concepts in ICSC A/S has put up a strong statement on oxidative stress due to the pandemic. Read out the full coverage in GCI, September 2021 issue by clicking the following link:

Oxidative Stress...

ICSC A/S In GCI Product Showcase

For the beauty inside and outside trend, ICSC has introduced vegetarian Omega 3 in oral grade nutridan and for topical application Danomega-3. Find out more on Omega 3


Beauty Inside Outside

Aging and several other skin problems of our body are effect of body’s response to improper nutrition, lifestyle disorders as well as external environmental factors like UV….

Read more on Beauty Inside Outside...

Rahul Shukla – Business Development Manager comments on Ayurvedaceuticals


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