COVID-19: The best oil to moisturize dry skin after excessive use of handwashing and hand sanitizer

All over the world people are currently being advised to wash hands regularly many times a day, in order to help prevent the Corona-virus from spreading. The side effects of excessive hand washing is however dry hands, irritated skin and even cracks. In order to repair the damage, you need to add oils, that can reestablish the natural oils of the skin on your hands.

Excessive handwashing gives dry hands, remember to use an moisturizing oil

“The skin on our hands is very delicate and the balance of the natural oils on the hands is easily disturbed. This can be tolerated for a short period of time. But if the condition is not treated over time, it can cause irritated skin or even eczema”, Prof. Dr. Vijai Shukla explains.

Cracked hands and bacteria

If cracked hands are not treated this can also give bacteria an entry point, and cause us to become ill.

Giving your hands the right moisturizer after hand wash is therefore equally important as thorough hand washing. At the International Cosmetics Science Centre, researchers have worked hard on creating an oil that can be used on all skin types and with a composition that gives the highest possible benefits for your skin.

The best oil for moisturizing dry skin

The result is an oil that we call Cosmosil DS – Dry Skin Repair Oil. The Oil has a unique composition of essential fatty acids and highly boosting natural antioxidants. It is completely natural and free of toxins, which makes it useful even on sensitive skin and on small children and babies. It is capable of repairing dry hands without leaving them greasy and oily and best of all, it works very quickly and will give you results overnight.

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