Oxidation problems solved

Oxidative Hygiene Control through Internal Stabilization

Oils and butters have been used for centuries for their beneficial emollient and moisturizing effect. However, working with natural oils and butters poses certain challenges; oxidation being the biggest.

Oxidation is a serious issue as application of oxidized products have adverse side effects such as cell damage and carcinogenesis.

  • We like to illustrate the process of oxidation with apples. When cut open, the flesh of apples turns brown due to oxidation. Although not as apparent, oils and butters oxidize just the same way as a cut apple.

  • Conventional oils and butters may have a low state of oxidation after it has been extracted. However, after multiple transportation and processing steps where factors such as heat and light cannot be controlled, the oils and butters will be oxidized when they reach the end customer.       This compares to selling a brown apple!

  • To overcome this challenge, we has developed a unique technology called Internal Stabilization (I.S.). Using this technology, oils and butters are protected against oxidation from the onset of oxidation yielding products with a much longer shelf life.

       This is like selling a fresh green apple!