Silicone Replacement Oil

The most natural approach to cosmetics. Achieve a green label  √

Silicones are, along with parabens and sulfates, one of the most rejected ingredients in cosmetic products.

In hair products, if they are not water-soluble, they must be removed with sulfates, which also drags the natural fat of our hair, leaving it dry and unprotected. 

In skin products, it can dehydrate your pores and throw your skin’s natural regulatory processes off-balance, because they do not have the fatty acids that the skin needs. That said, the moisturizing effect of the skin is totally false.

In regards to ecological impact, silicones also have disadvantages, because these compounds are not degradable and accumulate in the environment.

The Natural Replacement

At ICSC we have developed a safe and 100% natural vegetable product, that can be used as a silicone equivalent, but maintains its positive effects in our hair and skin.

The Benefits

It is not toxic and non-irritating material, highly suitable for cosmetic formulations, such as anti-wrinkle creams, body lotions, bath foams, baby care products and massage creams.

It has an excellent balance of useful fatty acids and high content of tocopherols, which contributes to its unique oxidative stability.

Silicone Replacement Oil can be used as emollient since it is absorbed quickly by the skin and acts as a re-fatting agent with good water binding properties.