Discover how Chaulmoogra Oil can enhance your cosmetic applications

Antimicrobial Active for Skin

Chaulmoogra Oil is unique in that it contains high amounts of special cyclic fatty acids that have antimicrobial activity. Together with 5’-methoxyhydnocarpin, a compound that helps to prevent multidrug resistance in some bacteria, makes the oil ideal for treating skin conditions.

Studies have shown that Chaulmoogra Oil helps to harmonize skin pigmentation by mobilizing the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) from areas with high pigment to areas with low pigment. It also stimulates the melanocytes to produce melanin and transfer it to the surface of the skin. This causes the tanning to occur faster, it blurs spots, the complexion is uniform and the skin regains its radiance. 

Benefits in Cosmetics

In cosmetics, Chaulmoogra Oil is known for its beneficial properties on skin problems (atopic skin, acne, skin infections, etc.).

  • Chaulmoogra oil is ideal for skin products for sensitive and irritated skin
  • It moisturizes the skin and supports immunity of the skin against bacterial infection
  • It gives exceptional effect against hair loss and dandruff
  • It purifies the skin and normalizes the sebaceous secretions
  • It also helps in treatment of atopic skin
  • It can help in anti-stain treatment due to its ability to harmonize pigmentation
  • It accelerates and extends tanning
  • It helps in anti-acne care