Studies in the evaluation of unconventional oils from Burkina Faso

Lipids play a vital role in the formulation and performance of many new cosmetic products. They act as binders, lubricants, solubilisers, carriers, viscosity modifiers, spreading agents, emollients and emulsifiers in a varity of applications such as lipsticks, creams, lotions, makeup bases, moisturisers, bath oils, pressed powders, fragrances and a varity of cleansers for hair face and body. In all these applications people are looking for natural new ideas from exotic countries. Several earlier studies have reported fatty acid composition of newer seed oils (2-4). These studies were undertaken to explore fully the possibilities of several underexploited or unexploited tree crops of West Africa for industrial applications. The present paper deals with seven different naturally occurring seed oils from Burkina Faso. We have systematically studied the oil content, fatty acid profile and oxidative stability of these oils.