New Tattoo Care Oil & Butter

Tattoo Care Omega-3 Oil & Butter as Internally Stabilized

With its excellent blend of Camellina Oil, High Oleic Rapeseed Oil, Aloe, Curcumin and Rosemary Extract, makes this product highly suitable for tattoo care

Tattoos are in fashion everyday, you just have to look around to see that there are many people who, through these drawings engraved on their skin, try to express something of their personality, their motivations or their concerns in life all over the world. The final result of a tattoo is not only in the hands of the professional who carries it out. It also depends on the care you apply in your home.

Tattoo Care Omega-3 Oil Internally Stabilized (I.S.) is an outcome of ICSC in-house research and development, designed specially for tattoo care applications. It is a brilliant golden yellow oil, stabilized with herbal extracts.

This blend of Camelina Oil and High Oleic Canola Oil (Rapeseed), provides an excellent balance of useful fatty acids, including omega-3 and high content of tocopherols. This Internally Stabilized oil contributes to its unique extremelly high oxidative stability and high healing properties for tattoos. Aloe, Curcumin and Rosemary extracts are incorporated to the formula, to improve its soothing and enhancing further healing properties.

Other Benefits:

  • ​It can be used as an emollient as it has high moisturizing activity and it possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
  • It can also easily be incorporated as an ingredient in other cosmetic applications    such as: anti-wrinkle creams, body lotions, bath foams, sun-care applications and massage creams.