Enhancing the stability of exotic butters and oils

Characteristic changes linked with oxidative degradation of oils and fats include development of malodors and unpleasant tastes (deemed as rancid) and might lead to change of color, increase in viscosity, specific gravity and solubility. The mechanism of autoxidation has been postulated by many authors. Autoxidation is a natural process involving free radicals between molecular oxygen and the unsaturated fatty acids of oils which leads to the formation of short-lived hydroperoxides (primary oxidation products). The hydroproxides readily break down to form alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and other hydrocarbons. These secondary oxidation products impart rancid odor and taste. One way of preventing autoxidation is addition of antioxidants. This paper presents the development of supremely stable exotic butters and natural oils from the application of rosemary extracts.