Aloe Butter

Tremendous benefit from the Properties of Aloe Butter

Aloe Vera is used in natural cosmetics for its astringent properties, which provide its relic in tannins, formic acid and zinc, as well as anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and moisturizing properties, which make it very suitable for skin care.

It is a common ingredient in most of the creams and moisturizers that are used to treat burns. This is due to the ability of Aloe Vera to stimulate cell renewal. Aloe Vera increases the production of human fibroblasts six to eight times faster than the normal reproduction rate of these cells. Fibroblasts produce collagen in the skin, which can help to heal and renew the skin. It is also commonly used to treat hives and insect bites, as it helps reduce inflammation.

Other Benefits:

  •  Very suitable for remedying small imperfections of the face, such as pimples
  •  It provides vigor to the hair, giving it a bigger growth and helping to prevent baldness
  •  Its astringent qualities are especially beneficial for oily hair or with seborrhea
  •  Use as a humectant after waxing