Exotic Oils

The application possibilities of exotic oils are enormous, but not all of these are known to the formulators in the cosmetic industry.

ICSC has specialized in advising about the application of these oils in cosmeceutical.

Treat acne, clean nails and massage with only one exotic oil

Due to our three decades of research we are able to provide the best knowledge to our partners in the cosmetic industry. This prevents waste and provides our partners a wide range of possibilities with the same oil

Award-winning Professor Dr. Shukla

For example Moringa Oil can be used for haircare, skincare, lipcare and massage. We do our best to let our partners benefit from our knowledge, experience and research so they get the most out of the exotic oils that they use in their production”, Professor Dr. Shukla explains.

We offer a wide range of different exotic oils from the most popular and well-known oils like Argan Oil to the more exotics – oils like Marula Oil. For all these products we have control with the process of the productions from crops to the final product and can therefore guarantee superb in-house quality.

All these products are also available as Internally Stabilized with multiple fold stability as compared to conventional and organic products.