Cosmodan 20 exotic oil

Cosmodan 20 is a vegetable oil based mineral oil equivalent developed through our Internal Stabilization technology.

Mineral Oil, is a common ingredient in many cosmetic products, including skin moisturizers, baby products and make up. We received constant requests to design a greener technology based mineral oil equivalent.
In the zest of exploring natural replacing mineral oil in cosmetic applications, the development of a unique vegetable based mineral oil equivalent is the answer. Therefore, Cosmodan 20 is an outcome of groundbreaking research by Scientists at ICSC in Denmark designed particularly as base mineral oil equivalent.

Cosmodan 20 is a very special, unique blend of vegetable oils, non-toxic, non-irritating and derived from totally renewable, natural resources. The uniqueness of Cosmodan 20 lies in its extreme stability achieved by its exceptionally high content of tocopherols and by our internal stabilization technology.

Why use Cosmodan 20 as a Mineral Oil equivalent?

  •  Very high oxidative stability compared to mineral oils
  • It has an excellent balance of useful fatty acids and high content of tocopherols which contributes to its unique oxidative stability
  • High vitamin E content and excellent emollient
  • Fewer environmental impacts because vegetable oils are a renewable and biodegradable resources, so there is less environmental impact as compared to mineral oils
  • Contribute to perfect moisturizing properties compare to mineral oils that does not function as a moisturizing agent
  • Cosmodan 20 provides so many benefits for your skin including essential fatty acid that nurture the skin, antioxidants to fight free radical damage and nutrients to maintain skin firmness
  • Primary ingredient in baby oils is mineral oil, and for the purpose of keeping baby’s skin soft and supple our vegetable oil based Cosmodan 20 is the perfect answer