Exotic Butters & Oleins

At ICSC we are constantly developing new and groundbreaking natural ingredients for the cosmetic industry, but also exploring the incredible benefits of what Mother Nature offers, Exotic Butters and Oleins.

Exotic Butters and Oleins grow wild in plantations or jungles in Asia, Africa and South/Central America and have amazing properties, such as:

  • anti-aging, 
  • anti-wrinkle,
  • sun protection,
  • softening and hydration

These can be used in specific as well as general skin care products.

Its Exotic Butters and Oleins can be found as ConventionalOrganic and/or Internally Stabilized.

We have developed the Internally Stabilization technique, which makes all vegetables butters highly resistant to oxidation and general degradation. Until now, it has been a difficult task for cosmetic chemists to introduce lipids due to their oxidation problems. 

Using the natural antioxidant properties of rosemary, this methodology stabilizes the oils and butters internally, extending the lifecycle of the products manifold and enhancing the shelf life of cosmetics. Its internal Stabilization process extends the lifecycle of the products 50-60 times as compared to conventional products.

This enables cosmetic chemists globally to utilize the exciting properties of exotic butter and oleins and also increase their incorporation levels in cosmetic formulations. These products are very well received in the market and now replacing conventional products. Additionaly, it also can provide Internally Stabilized Organic butters. 

All our butters are hydrogenated free, please click here to read more.