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Avocado Oil is made from the fresh fruit from the acocado tree (Persea gratissima) through cold-pressing. The oil is rich in fatty acids and has a quick absorption into the skin, making it a excellent moisturiser in skin care products.

Açaí Oil is obtained from the fruit of Euterpe Oleracea (açaí palm). The oil is extracted by cold pressing. This product is the refined quality. Açaí oil has an anti-ageing effect and firms the skin. It helps to protect the skin and have a good effect on the skin condition because of the rich amount of antioxidants.

Cosmosil ALF Oil - Alfalfa Oil is obtained from the seeds of the Medicago Sativa, a flowering plant in the pea family. The oil is refined quality. The Oil is suitable as an emollient for cosmetic applications and can be incorporated in high quantities.

Algae oils are from microbial growth and extracted from algae by physical means and are thus totally solvent free. The oil provides balanced essential fatty acids and a high dosage of natural antioxidants which are extremely beneficial for better health.

Ayurvedic Beauty Care

Cosmosil AM Oil – Amla Oil

Amla Oil comes of the fruits of Amla also known as Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica). The plant is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent.

Andiroba Oil is an all-vegetable, refined and non-hydrogenated product, manufactured from the fresh fruits of the tree Carapa guaianensis. It has a light golden yellow appearance.

With high levels of vitamin E, linoleic acid and essential fatty acids, like Omega 3, 6 and 9, Argan Oil is an exceptional nutrient for your skin.

Baobab Oil is a light golden oil with a pleasant nutty scent extracted from the seeds of the large fussy fruits from the African Baobab Tree. The oil is rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, and it is a natural source of Omega 3, 6 and 9. The composition of baobab oil makes it a true super oil for skin care.

Billberry Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of Bilberry, also called European Blueberry. The oil has an amazing penetrating ability and it ideal for restoring the flexibility of the skin. The oil contains a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in antioxidants, making it a great addition to any skin or hair care product.

Blackcurrant Oil is extracted from the seeds of the blackcurrant bush. The oil contains to 90% essential fatty acids, including a high amount of gamma-linolenic acid which is physiologically important for the health of the skin. Because of the composition of the oil it is an excellent natural emollient and is effective at restoring flexibility to the skin.

Borage Oil is extracted from the seeds of the starflower (Borage officinalis) by cold-pressing. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids and it gamma-linolenic fatty acid which plays an important physiological role in maintaining skin healthy.

Babassu Oil obtained from the plant Orbignya oleifera. The oil is obtained by the hydraulic cold pressing of the kernels of the fruits of the Babassu Tree, which then undergoes refining, bleaching and deodorization.